Thursday, January 13, 2005


Aesthetic Realism: The Opposites in Art & Life

Artists Talk on Art

What are artists doing in their work that people--including artist--want to do in their lives? The answer is in this great principle stated by poet and founder of the philosophy Aesthetic Realism, Eli Siegel: "All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves."

Chaim Koppelman, printmaker; Marcia Rackow, painter,
Dale Laurin, architect; Ken Kimmelman, filmmaker;
with Carrie Wilson, moderator

--will all give examples from their own work and that of contemporary artists showing how, for instance, surface and depth, space and matter, abandon and restraint are working vividly in contemporary painting, prints, architecture and the film.

All this will take place in the School of Visual Arts Amphitheater on Friday, January 21st at 7 PM at:

209 East 23rd St. (East of Third Ave.)

We invite everyone to come! Get there at 6:30 to be sure of a seat.

For further information visit the January calendar of the Artists Talk on Art and Aesthetic Realism Foundation

And we invite you to come to the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, 141 Greene Street, NYC, In SoHo, NYC 212.777.4490 on February 26th to celebrate
the 50th Anniversary of the Terrain Gallery!


Eli Siegel’s immortal and immediate Fifteen Questions: Is Beauty the Making One of Opposites?
presented by—Dorothy Koppelman, Chaim Koppelman, Carrie Wilson



This talk by Marcia Rackow and Donita Ellison, first presented at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, looks at works by Alex Katz, Chuck Close, Duane Hanson, and others. The speakers say:

“Central in all realist art is the seeing that the common-place also has grandeur….And one of its great values is that it is critical, through form, of the ways we can lessen reality, divide it, be disproportionate.”

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