Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Terrain Gallery Celebrates 50 Honest, Colorful Years

On Saturday, February 26th the Terrain Gallery celebrated 50 years of a vivid, imaginative fidelity to the meaning of art as we learned it through Eli Siegel's great Fifteen Questions, "Is Beauty the Making One of Opposites?"

We shall in time include here the presentation in text and pictures of that great evening to a full house at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation's Terrain Gallery. Co-directors Carrie Wilson and myself, Dorothy Koppelman and Chaim Koppelman told in almost telegraphic form about some of the highlights of the 150 exhibitions, the historic publications of Eli Siegel's essays, and the many personal and artistic triumphs of these years. We were joined by Dale Laurin, architect, who spoke on Heaviness and Lightness in the Empire State building; and Marcia Rackow, painter and teacher on the Aesthetic Realism faculty and Donita Ellison, high-school teacher of art. who spoke on American Realist painters and what they can say about all people's lives now.

Among the proudest publications of the Terrain Gallery are "The Rosary of Evil," which shows how to see evil beautifully through poetic form. This breathtaking talk by Mr. Siegel can correct for all time any ignorant misrepresentations of what Aesthetic Realism is and teaches.

More recent publications of Eli Siegel's work and books about Aesthetic Realism can be found at Definition Press.

Reviews of books and poems by Eli Siegel can be found here.

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