Thursday, February 24, 2005


Portrait of Dorothy K in Alice Neel Show in Phila.

In the winter of 1943-'44, as I was beginning my career as a painter, had also just begun my study of Aesthetic Realism with poet Eli Siegel, had recently married Chaim Koppelman who was then a soldier in England during WWII, I shared a studio on Fifth Avenue with another painter, Stamos. Alice Neel came to visit, stayed a day or so, and she painted me, as I was also painting her.

When Sarah Powers called me about the show she was organizing at the Locks Gallery, I remembered so well that time-- sharing tubes of paint, giving Alice a canvas and then she went to work, standing at the easel while I sat across the room at my easel. We talked about what I had been learning about poetry, art and myself from Mr. Siegel, most importantly that a painter's job was to see all things as well as possible, to LIKE THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD even when we weren't painting! Alice talked about herself, and I think my saying things about my own thoughts and myself encouraged her. I admired Alice Neel's forthrightness and brave way of talking, and she encouraged me to continue my study and my hope to be a painter.

All this is about the circumstances of the painting which is to be included in the Alice Neel show at the Locks Gallery in Philadelphia during March of 2005. I treasure these memories, and I am glad the painting is cared for, and will be seen.--DK

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