Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Arnold Perey's GWE, a novel against racism

I first saw Arnold Perey's photographs, which he took in New Guinea, when he brought them to the Terrain Gallery. I saw that they had two qualities that impressed me enormously: 1) the people in the photographs did not look distant like "natives"--they were not foreign in their expressions. I could have met an expression like that on the face of a person walking down Grove Street near the gallery. 2) The next quality I saw was beauty, they put opposites together. There were figures softely curved carrying stiff limbs of trees and spears. The Terrain Gallery showed those photographs in an exhibition.

I have seen something new about the relation of a person born in Brooklyn, like myself, to someone born in New Guinea who doesn't speak my language. We have feelings that are akin. I thank Arnold Perey, my colleague as an Aesthetic Realism consultant for showing this in GWE. Here it is:

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