Monday, October 31, 2016


Same Objects/Different Visions: Etchings* by Chaim and Dorothy Koppelman

In the mid 70s, Chaim Koppelmanmy late husband and I began making double prints (etchings) of the same objects around our loft. We continued for over 30 years and there are quite a large collection of them: hats, books, solvent bottles, vest, challah, lemons, kitchen cabinet, apples, spool, hammer, arms, legs, bread, eggs, candle sticks, tomato, pipes, paint brushes, tacks, cups, and sundry other objects. We were studying the same objects and we were excited to see how a different vision of the same objects not only made for a richer sight of the objects themselves, but had us know each other better, made our marriage more interesting and deeper. 

        In a statement for our two person Exhibition of paintings and prints at The Cupping Room Cafe in 2009, we, Chaim and Dorothy Koppelman said:

"We are grateful for the deep and continuing effect on us of our study of Aesthetic Realism with its founder, Eli Siegel. The principle he stated is true; it is what the centuries have waited for: 'All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.'"

My education continues in professional classes taught each week by Chairman of Education Ellen Reiss.  Her scholarship, depth, and kindness as she teaches these classes make for immeasurable gratitude and happiness. 

Three bottles


Six eggs



Open book






Tomato on Vine



Fruit & Knife

*title is from 2004 article in the Journal of the Print World by Trudie A. Grace

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